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Voilence in Trenton Essay

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Violence in Trenton
Violence in Trenton is steadily getting worse by young adults than ever before. There are murders, gang violence, robberies, and other things that can affect the community. Although there still are ways we can solve all of this madness, such as parents have to take responsibility, and ask their children what they're doing and where are they going. Parents also shouldn't be afraid to make their children stay home after a certain time.

For the last year or two murders have doubled maybe even tripled. There have been more gang fights and shootings in many public places such as schools, stores, and even in the middle of streets and because of this many innocent people have been hurt physically and mentally. Many more people are afraid to walk down the street because they think they are going to get hurt or robbed. These things are affecting our neighborhood's households and even learning places.

There are ways we can solve all of these problems it won't be very hard. Parents have to become responsible and take care of their children. They have to ask their children what are they doing, that way if parents think they are doing something bad, they can make their children stay home. They can also ask their kids where it is they are going so if the parents don't like the place or think something bad is going to happen there they can keep them from going.

There are other ways as well like some parents let their kids stay out till eleven o'clock p.m. on a school night. If some parents would just put a curfew till about nine thirty, it would stop a lot of problems in the city. Kids wouldn't be out on the streets getting locked up, because some one thought they were going to do something bad.

This how I feel about violence in Trenton, and how we should solve it, but it's only my opinion you might think otherwise. Either way violence is becoming worse and we have to stop it before it is to late.

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